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The Reefer G2+ XL-425 in white is a high-end aquarium system with advanced features including a configurable sump and built-in overflow system. The white finish is ideal for larger reef aquarium systems and gives a sleek and modern touch to any environment.
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Introducing the REEFER G2+ series, a comprehensive lineup of reef-ready aquarium systems that offer versatility and premium features to aquarium enthusiasts. With a diverse range of sizes and top-of-the-line infrastructure, filtration, water management, and the inclusion of the ReefATO+ system, these aquariums empower hobbyists to create their ideal reef tank effortlessly.

Key Features:

  1. ReefATO+ Integration: Seamlessly integrated into every G2+ model, the ReefATO+ is a 3-in-1 auto top-off system equipped with a temperature monitor and external leak detector. This advanced system ensures precise water level control and provides additional safety measures, making maintenance hassle-free.
  2. Enhanced Construction: Crafted with rimless ultra-clear, beveled-edge glass boasting increased thickness for durability and clarity. The cabinets feature extra-fortified plywood marine-spec construction, with larger models reinforced by aluminum "floating tank" supports for added stability.
  3. Optimized Water Circulation: Dual side-facing return pump outlets (available on REEFER 350 G2+ models and larger) promote superior water distribution, while the large central overflow box conceals piping and houses a surface skimmer with a removable weir comb for effortless cleaning.
  4. Silent Operation: Experience near-silent downflow thanks to an enlarged rectangular inlet that reduces turbulence. The newly improved high-precision valve on the downflow pipe enables easier flow regulation, enhancing overall system performance.

Package Contents:

  • Professionally designed REEF-SPEC sump with compartments for mechanical filtration media, adjustable skimmer chamber, bubble trap, and additional space for chillers or controllers.
  • Assembly-ready piping with extra bulkhead connectors in both Metric and USA sizes, facilitating customized setups.
  • Compatibility with ReefMat 500 or 1200 Auto Filter Roller (sold separately), providing additional filtration options.

New to the G2+: 3-in-1 ReefATO+:

Included with every G2+ model, the ReefATO+ offers more than just auto top-off functionality. Its integrated temperature monitor, external leak detector, and smart controller, compatible with the ReefBeat ecosystem, ensure reliable performance and peace of mind.

Extra-fortified Glass and Marine-Spec Cabinets:

The G2+ aquariums feature rimless, ultra-clear glass and sturdy plywood cabinets laminated with Marine-Spec material. The reinforced construction, complemented by adjustable leveling feet and stainless steel hinges, guarantees long-lasting durability.

Improved Water Management & Plumbing:

Utilizing a large overflow box with dual side-facing return pumps, G2+ systems achieve optimal water circulation and surface skimming. An enlarged rectangular inlet and precision valve on the downflow pipe minimize turbulence and enable precise flow regulation.

Reef-Ready Sump– Now ReefMat Compatible:

The G2+ sump includes a mechanical filtration compartment with micron filters and filter cups, ensuring efficient debris removal. Additionally, it offers compatibility with ReefMat 500 or 1200 for enhanced filtration options without the need for modifications.

3+2 Extended Warranty Plans:

All REEFER aquariums come with a standard 2-year warranty, extendable to 3 years by registering within 90 days of purchase. Additionally, 1-2 year extended protection plans are available, offering up to 5 years of worry-free coverage.


  • Display Tank Dimensions: 47"L x 22"H x 23.6"W
  • Display Tank Volume: 91 Gallons
  • Total System Height: 56"
  • Total System Volume: 115 Gallons
  • Sump Volume: 24 Gallons
  • Glass Thickness: Front - 1/2", Side - 5/8", Bottom - 1/2"
  • ATO Pump Power: 6-10W
  • ATO Pump Max Flow: 75 gph
  • ATO Pump Max Head: 8ft"

Elevate your reef-keeping experience with the REEFER G2+ series, where innovation meets reliability for the aquarium of your dreams.

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