Reefer-G2+ S 1000 Complete System – White



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The Reefer-G2+ S 1000 Complete System in white is a high-quality indoor growing system that contains a high-quality grow tent, an LED grows lamp, a ventilation system, and other features. Upgrade your indoor growing setup with this sleek and contemporary equipment for the best growing experience possible.
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Reefer 1000 Complete System White The Reefer's G2 and S 1000 Complete System in white is an indoor grow system that is designed to provide you with everything you need to have the best possible growth. The complete set includes the highest-quality grow tent with LED lights ventilator and much more. All are carefully chosen and built to work to produce the best outcomes. The tent for growing is constructed of high-quality material and comes with numerous vents that allow for the easy installation of the ventilation system. The LED light for your garden provides an efficient and bright light source for your plants, allowing them to develop quicker and healthier. The ventilation system comprises an inline fan that is a powerful carbon filter, a carbon filter, and ducting, all of which are designed to keep your garden clean and free of odors. The other features of Reefer 1000 Complete System in white include strong bars for mounting that allow easy installation for the growing light. It also has numerous access ports for maintenance and a spill tray that can be cleaned easily. Make your indoor grow setup more attractive by installing the Reefer-G2+ 1,000 Complete Systems in white. Have a modern and sleek growing experience.
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