Reefer 250 G2+ Deluxe System White- (incl. 2 x RL 90 & Mount arms)



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The Reefer 250 G2+ Deluxe System in White includes two RL 90 lights and mounting arms, providing a complete and advanced setup for your reef aquarium. This system features a sleek design with high-quality materials and components, ensuring efficient and effective performance. The two included lights offer customizable and controllable lighting options, while the mounting arms provide secure and flexible placement for optimal lighting coverage. Ideal for serious reef hobbyists, this deluxe system offers a top-of-the-line aquarium setup.
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Reefer Red Sea 250 G2+ Deluxe System - White (incl. 2 x RL 90 & Mount arms)

The Reefer Red Sea 250 G2+ Deluxe System White is a complete and sophisticated marine aquarium setup that includes everything you need for a successful reef tank. This system comes with a high-quality aquarium, sump, cabinet stand, and a powerful lighting system that includes two RL 90 LED lights and mounting arms. The aquarium has a water capacity of approximately 65 gallons, providing ample space for a variety of fish and coral species. The sump features a multi-chamber design with a built-in refugium, protein skimmer chamber, and adjustable flow rate system. The cabinet stand is made of sturdy materials and includes a soft-close mechanism for quiet operation. The lighting system is designed to provide optimal light spectrum and intensity for your reef inhabitants, and the mounting arms allow you to position the lights at the perfect height and angle. With its advanced features and sleek design, the Reefer 250 G2+ Deluxe System White is an excellent choice for experienced reef hobbyists who want to create a stunning and thriving underwater ecosystem. New & Improved Features
  • Rimless ultra-clear, beveled-edge glass with increased thickness
  • Extra-fortified plywood marine-spec laminated cabinets (with additional aluminum “floating tank” supports on REEFER 625 G2 models and bigger)
  • Dual side-facing return pump outlets for better water distribution (On REEFER 350 G2 models and bigger)
  • Large central overflow box to hide piping, with a large surface skimmer with a removable weir comb for easy cleaning
  • Silent downflow system with an enlarged rectangular inlet to reduce turbulence
  • Assembly-ready piping now with extra bulkhead connectors in both Metric and USA sizes for customized setups
  • New and improved high-precision valve on the downflow pipe for easier flow regulation and near-silent operation
  • Professional REEF-SPEC sump, including:
    • Mechanical filtration media compartment complete with micron filters and filter cups
    • Optional refugium compartment
    • Adjustable height skimmer chamber
    • Bubble trap
    • RO Reservoir
    • Plug & play ready for ReefMat 500 or 1200 Auto Filter Roller (sold separately)
    • Additional chamber for chillers, controllers, or other equipment (on most models)
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