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Reef Blizzard ZR

Reef Blizzard ZR Freeze Dried Rotifers are essential to the nutrition of marine aquarium fish in a simple, frozen dried format. Optimize health, color and growth using these nutritious Rotifers which are suitable for corals, fish and invertebrates which feed through filtering systems.
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Reef Blizzard ZR

Reef Blizzard ZR Freeze Dried Rotifers offer aquarium enthusiasts an easy, nutritious solution to improve the wellbeing and health of their marine inhabitants. Freeze dried rotifers contain important vital nutrients that support corals, fish and filter-feeding invertebrates alike. Rotifers are naturally rich in essential nutrients such as nutrients, proteins, lipids and minerals - essential components of marine species' diets. Reef Blizzard ZR Freeze Dried Rotifers offer all these vital elements without the hassle of live cultures - making feeding your aquarium easy! Freezing dry preserves all their natural goodness so your marine inhabitants receive optimal nutrition at each mealtime. Regularly including ReefBlizzard ZR Freeze-dried Rotifers in your diet will help promote vibrant colors, growth and overall health in both corals and fish. Their small size enables filter-feeding fish to use them effectively ensuring all inhabitants of your aquatic ecosystem receive sufficient nutrition for growth and wellness. Feeding your aquarium with ReefBlizzard ZR Freeze Dry Rotifers is quick and straightforward. Simply rehydrate them in aquarium water or liquid food mix before adding them back into your aquarium; their pores will be able to absorb water to bring back their attractive textures that attract marine life. ReefBlizzard ZR Freeze-Dried Rotifers can provide your marine animals with a nutritious diet, providing either daily food supplements or special treats as part of an enrichment program. Combine them with other dry or frozen food items to customize a feeding regime tailored specifically to their species needs. ReefBlizzard-ZR Freeze Dry Rotifers provide marine aquarium inhabitants with all of the health benefits associated with rotifers without the hassle of maintaining live populations. Their nutritious diet contributes to better coral, fish and filter-feeding invertebrate health while increasing natural beauty of species in an aquarium setting.
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