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A coral dip and pest treatment product called RED X250 ml is made to get rid of parasites and hazardous bugs from the corals in your aquarium.
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Fauna Marin red x 250 ml

Fauna Marin red x is an excellent and efficient method for getting rid of algae in marine aquariums is RED X. It effectively removes a variety of undesirable algae, including red slime algae (cyanobacteria), without endangering fish, corals, or invertebrates. The solution is simple to use and free of dangerous chemicals, making it a secure and all-natural replacement for conventional algae removers. Regular use of RED X contributes to the preservation of a clean and safe aquarium environment. For treating up to 2500 gallons of aquarium water, use the 250 ml container. Fauna Marin has announced Red X as the new product to complement its growing line of product line of aquarium consumables and products. The product is dubbed Red X and the Marin fauna describes it as a "liquid tonic" to control algae that grow in saltwater aquariums as well as in reef tanks. Fauna Marin can be speedy and safe for coral reefs. It also doesn't contain any antibiotics, meaning it doesn't kill probiotic bacteria living in the aquarium. RED X can be described as a specific formula that inhibits the growth of algae in an aquarium. Red X eliminates unwelcome biological algae and is extremely sensitive for aquarium animals. If used properly and in the dose prescribed, RED X is 100 100% safe and completely safe for fish, corals, and invertebrates.   Red X is very effective against: Red and green cyanobacteria Infestation of mild dinoflagellates (Ostreopsis Sp., Amphidinium sp., Prorocentrum sp., Coolia sp., Symbiodinium and others) Armor and gold algae diatomaceous   Red X or Dino X? RED X is kind and helpful. It is suggested to use RED X prior to treating with DINO X because it is a more powerful effect. Aquariums that are severely affected by brown plague must be treated as soon as possible by using Dino X.  
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