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A probiotic solution called ReBiotic 100% Natural 250 ml is intended to assist in establishing and maintaining a healthy bacterial population in marine aquariums. It contains a potent mixture of live, advantageous bacteria that can help decompose organic waste and lower the water's concentrations of dangerous ammonia and nitrite. Corals, invertebrates, and fish are among the marine life that can safely consume this product because it is entirely natural. It may be applied immediately to the aquarium water and is simple to use.
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Rebiotic Fauna Marin 100% Natural 250 ml

ReBiotic Fauna Marin 250 ml is a high-quality probiotic supplement designed to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in marine aquariums. This product contains a blend of naturally occurring microorganisms that help to improve the overall health of your aquarium inhabitants. The beneficial bacteria in ReBiotic 100% Natural 250 ml work to reduce harmful organic waste by breaking it down into less harmful compounds. This helps to reduce the load on your aquarium's filtration system, leading to cleaner and clearer water. Additionally, the probiotics in this supplement can help to boost the immune systems of your aquarium inhabitants, promoting better overall health and vitality. Rebiotic Fauna Marin 100% Natural 250 ml is formulated to be safe for all types of marine aquariums, including reef tanks, and will not harm your corals, fish, or invertebrates. It is easy to use and can be added directly to your aquarium water. If you're looking for a natural and effective way to promote the health of your marine aquarium, ReBiotic 100% Natural 250 ml is an excellent choice. Application Place REBIOTIC bacterial cultures into a separate container and fill it with 1 liter (0,26 US gal.) of aquarium water. Stir the sample water several times to activate bacterial cultures. After 1 hour, slowly pour the bacterial solution into a high-flow area of the aquarium. Turn OFF the skimmer for 6 hours. Turn OFF UV and OZONE for approximately 48 hours. Dosage: 1 heaping teaspoon (approx. 5g) per 400 Liters (105 US gal.) of aquarium volume. Dose 2x per week for 4  -  6 weeks. After this time add a maintenance dose every 4 weeks. More information: Safety note: Keep the product away from children. Product only for aquarium use.
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