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Reaction HOB Hang-On-Back Aquarium Filter Product Information and Specifications The JBJ Reaction Power Filters are hung in a compact manner at the back of your aquarium, ensuring your aquarium's aquascape in sharp the center of your attention. Reduces the amount of the amount of particles in the aquarium by through a combination of coarse and fine sponge filters. The water flow in a waterfall style assists in dispersing CO2 and circulating oxygen throughout the aquarium.
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Waterfall Style Circulation

The Reaction Aquarium Power Filter 40g waterfall-style flow helps diffuse CO2 into the aquarium while also promoting healthy oxygen levels. The adjustable water flow rate makes it easy to adapt the Reaction HOB to your aquarium.

Dual Intake Design

The coarse sponge prefilter catches large debris and protects inhabitants. Surface skimmer promotes better water circulation in aquariums while skimming off the oily surface film.

Streamlined Filtration

Medium-density sponges catch large debris from flowing into filter pads that further purify water from particulates. Activated carbon and ceramic rings work to purify water before it is cycled back into the aquarium. The JBJ Aquarium Reaction HOB Aquarium Power Filter 40g is a slim hang-on-back power filter. With its quick startup, silent operation, and easy maintenance, the Reaction HOB power filter is the perfect choice for filtering your aquarium water. With its three-stage filtration--mechanical, biological, and chemical. This filter will keep your aquarium water clean and healthy for your fish. It features an innovative dual intake system and a flow control valve that allows you to change the flow rate. The self-leveling surface skimmer intake helps rid your tank of sludge and surface film and keeps your aquarium surface free from floating debris. The pre-filter sponge provides protection for smaller fish and also keeps shrimp from being pulled into the filter. Simply hang this filter on the back of your aquarium and let it do its work! View more filters
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