Potassium+ (Trace-Colors B) – 500ml



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Potassium+ (Trace-Colors B) - 500ml is a concentrated potassium supplement for reef aquariums that helps to provide the essential potassium needed for optimal growth and health of corals.
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Red sea trace elements potassium+ (Trace-Colors B) - 500ml

Red sea trace elements - 500ml is a premium quality potassium supplement for reef aquariums. This highly concentrated liquid supplement is designed to provide the essential potassium needed for optimal growth and health of corals. It contains a blend of highly pure and concentrated potassium salts, which are easily absorbed by corals, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients they need to thrive. Potassium is an important element that plays a crucial role in coral growth and health. It is involved in a number of physiological processes in corals, including regulating water balance, photosynthesis, and enzyme function. Potassium levels in reef aquariums can often become depleted due to the high demand from corals, so it is important to supplement with a high-quality potassium product like Potassium+ (Trace-Colors B). This supplement is easy to use, simply add the recommended dose to your aquarium water, and it will quickly dissolve and distribute throughout the tank. Regular use of Potassium+ (Trace-Colors B) will help to maintain healthy potassium levels in your reef aquarium, resulting in vibrant and healthy corals. Red Sea Trace Colors B contains potassium to help promote the red colors in corals. 1 mL will raise the potassium level of 25 gallons (100 liters) by 1.75ppm.   Through extensive research, RedSea has identified 31 trace and minor elements that help make up the skeleton and soft tissue of corals. These elements are essential to the proper coloration of SPS corals. Red Sea has divided these elements into four groups which make up there Red Sea Trace Colors.
  • Red Sea Trace Colors A (Iodine/Halogens) - promotes pink colors
  • Red Sea Trace Colors B (Potassium) - promotes red colors
  • Red Sea Trace Colors C (Iron/Complementary Trace Elements) - promotes green colors
  • Red Sea Trace Colors D (Trace Element Complex) - promotes purple/blue colors
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