PhytōGreen-M – Green Phytoplankton (Medium) 10-15 micron



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Vital Green Phytoplankton (10-15 microns) from PhytoGreen-M is designed to deliver optimal sea nutrition. Suitable for feeding corals and other marine creatures that feed through filtering systems.
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PhytoGreen M is a marine nutrition supplement specifically formulated to maintain and boost the health and vitality of marine ecosystems. Made of premium-grade green phytoplankton ranging in size between 10-15 microns, PhytoGreen M serves as food for corals, clams and other filter feeders as it feeds on filtering processes. Phytoplankton are microbe-like marine creatures that play an integral part in marine ecosystems by providing essential food sources and providing essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fat acids that provide crucial nutrition to marine animals. The cultivation is carefully managed in order to provide an abundant and diverse blend of green phytoplankton. With multiple species helping support general health development and appearance of marine life, including coral and filter feeding creatures. By including this food in your aquarium food regimen daily, PhytoGreen will ensure optimal health and vitality for these creatures. Regular supplementation with PhytoGreen can enhance marine life's color, immune function and natural behavior - ideal if you own an in-water reef tank, mixed marine set-up or specific coral growth system. With just the right doses of essential nutrients provided to aquatic creatures this moderate-sized phytoplankton supplement offers efficient yet simple caregiving. As with all supplements, when administering PhytoGreen-M, please follow the recommended dosage instructions included on its packaging to ensure you're providing your marine animals with sufficient nutrition without overfeeding. It's also important to monitor tank parameters and observe fish behavior to make sure that they accept supplementation with PhytoGreen-M. Do your marine ecosystem a favor and add PhytoGreen M to its diet to strengthen health, beauty and vibrancy of corals, clams and other animals that filter. Your corals and other filter feeders will thank you with increased energy levels and vibrant colours!
125 ml / 4 fl. oz., 2 L / 67.6 fl. oz., 20 L / 5.3 gallons, 250 ml /8.5 fl. oz., 500 ml / 17 fl. oz.
1.6 lbs
1.6 × 5.1 × 0.31 in
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