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OceanStream Nano Wavemaker Nano Size The brand new JBJ OceanStream nano circulation pump is equipped with a magnetic mount and an pivot ball that can be articulated. The new compact housing is ideal for aquariums that can hold up of 30gallons.
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Maximum Flow

This innovative Stream Pump utilizes a unique PaddelDisc impeller that diverts the water to the perimeter of the housing unlike traditional propeller-based pumps This ensures maximum "random flow" in wide circular currents that provide gentle water movement without harming corals placed directly within its path. The OceanStream Nano Stream Pump is compatible with the JBJ ocean pulse wave maker duo. Connect up to 2 circulation pumps to randomize water movement. Pump Specs Power: 3w at max flow Flow Rate: 792 GPH Dimensions: 4x2x2.5" Cable Length: 70"

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As humans require breathing air to be able to breathe Fish require the same kind of circulation and aeration in order to ensure their well-being. Although aquarium filters can provide water circulation for your aquarium water pumps play a significant role in keeping water flowing and supporting robust marine life. Aquarium water pumps permit your fish to get their oxygen as well as the nutrients that they require to live long and healthy lives. A water pump for aquariums is a component of a fish tank that circulates and aerates the water to make it more suitable for marine creatures. The flow created by a water pump makes sure that all the water in the tank flows through the filter of the tank. This continuous flow evenly disperses the water nutrients to the entire tank. resulting in quality water that is free of disease in fish. In addition to being able to bring positive health effects, they also create a pleasing aesthetic for your tank. A water pump can bring the tank's appearance by making the plants lively as they move with the increasing flow of water. View more pumps
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