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Enhances clarity and colour of water and removes the odors that are present in aquariums. Filters that are densely packed trap particles as well as foreign debris. High-performance pads is able to be cut in order to fit any aquarium filtration system.
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Activated Carbon Pad High-Performance Filter Media

-  Activated Carbon Pad 2-in-1 infused filter pad - densely packed fibers - 10 x 18" sheet - customizable to fit most aquatic and pond filters The Carbon Pad reduces ammonia spikes and the build-up of toxic substances in freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums aquaculture, terrariums as well as hydroponic system. The pad is able to trap macro and micro-organic particles, debris, and excess food for fish in the hang-on filter or prefilter boxes, custom sumps/refugium, and others. The cut-to-fit pad measures 18 inches by 10 inches and is extremely thick and suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums. Improves the health of your pet's aquarium by reducing the chance of stress and disease.
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