NANO-GLO 4w – LED Refugium Light



JBJ Nano-Glo 4-LED Refugium Light JBJ offers this NANO-GLO LED to transform your Nano Cube to one that is an "In-Tank" refugium. The NANO-GLO LED for refugium lighting comes with 4 powerful high-level LEDs which evenly distribute light to macro algae, and also aid in the elimination of harmful Nitrates and phosphates. The unique design uses an extremely strong magnet that connects to the back wall of the aquarium, which is designed to allow safety and mobility.
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The NANO-GLO 4w - LED Refugium Light was created specifically for the 28g Nano Cube CF QUAD aquarium, which is sold having a transparent filtration system basket. But the design is so versatile that it can be used to light any small nano aquarium that usually can't support top lighting due to space constraints and fully enclosed canopies.

Refugium Benefits

Refugiums supply natural filtration as algae develops in a controlled area with lighting and water flow to export unwelcome nutrients such as phosphates and nitrates. They also help stabilize the pH and O2 levels constantly throughout the day by absorbing CO2 gas during evening hours once the main fish tank lights are off. And they are the perfect way to grow natural food sources that propagate and feed the aquarium naturally.

High-Intensity LEDs

The NANO-GLO 4w - LED Refugium Light LED's produce an awesome 70 lumens each whilst only taking in 1 watt per bulb. The new higher output design still creates minimal heat and lasts an amazing 40,000 hours.

Rear Mounted

The NANO-GLO firmly connects to the back wall of the aquarium via an integrated suction in the light housing and a floating magnet that is placed inside the filter chamber. This small design (3/4" width) discreetly is hidden and is placed out of the way of scheduled maintenance and cleaning. The impressive suction cup inside the aquarium will instantly float toward the surface when the light is removed preventing it from sinking to the bottom of the tank. Specifications: Nano Glo Lighting Casing DIMS: 3.25" x 0.75"x 5" Output: 70 Lumens per LED Kelvin: 6500K Daylight Energy: 4 x 1 Watt LEDs
1 lbs
3.25 × 0.75 × 1.75 in
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