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The larger 25 Watts of the Refugium Light is Adjustable by JBJ Lighting (MG-25). MG-25 Macro Glow Light JBJ Macro-Glo Adjustable Refugium Light
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  • Adjustable Clamp-on Light fixture (Comparable to C-Breeze)
  • Integrated Ballast inside the lamp, no ballast to replace
  • 25 Watt lamp
The energy-efficient MACRO-GLO refugium illumination is the intelligent option intended for sumps that need strong light output in a very space-saving shape. A MACRO-GLO tightly clamps to the edge of your sump which enables it to be easily positioned out of the way with regard to routine upkeep without the anxiety about dropping the fixture in the water. All these exceptional lights equate to 5 times the actual illumination of traditional incandescent lamps while producing much less heat in addition to shining for an amazing 8000 hours. Every single lamp possesses an enclosed ballast and fits the typical medium-based lamp outlet. Lights will be the only item that needs to be replaced! The MACRO-GLO exists in 15 & 25 watt variants. They've been fitted with a 6400K Daylight to encourage macro algae within refugium environments. All versions will include a parabolic reflector to increase light intensity and coverage. The MACRO-GLO may be fine-tuned at the head, arm, and base to suit your ideal application. The unique articulation enables endless configurations for any type of refugium. The clamp features a spacer in addition to permitting three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation.

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The Adjustable Refugium Light is a versatile and customizable lighting solution for your refugium. With its adjustable height and angle, you can easily control the intensity and direction of the light to best suit the needs of your plants and fish.  Its durable construction ensures it will last for a long time, and it is easy to install. This light is a must-have for any refugium enthusiast looking to create the perfect environment for their plants and fish.
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