MicrōBacterLATTICE Extra Large for Ponds & large aquariums



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MicrōBacterLATTICE Extra Large

MicroBacterLATTICE Extra Large is an effective method for treating water in ponds and large aquariums. The biodegradable filter media improves water quality while helping maintain an aquatic ecosystem that remains healthy.
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MicrōBacterLATTICE Extra Large

MicroBacterLATTICE Extra Large is an extremely advanced and innovative filtering media designed to meet the special requirements of large aquariums and ponds. Employing cutting-edge biotechnology, this product provides an integral solution to ensure high water quality while creating an enduring aquatic ecosystem. Large aquariums and ponds present unique challenges when it comes to managing water quality. Their immense volume combined with aquatic life presents multiple factors which may contribute to build-ups of organic matter, over nutrients, and toxic compounds in the environment. MicroBacterLATTICE Extra Large is designed to address this issue using bioremediation strategies as well as nutrient control. At the core of MicroBacterLATTICE Extra Large lies an innovative lattice structure which offers ideal conditions for beneficial bacteria to flourish and be beneficial in breaking down organic matter, metabolizing nutrients and reducing harmful compounds like ammonia, nitrogen and nitrate emissions. The unique lattice provides plenty of surface area to grow colonies which increase efficiency at turning harmful byproducts into harmless ones. The adsorbents are specially engineered to remove various impurities from water, such as excessive nutrients such as Phosphates that contribute to algae blooms and water quality issues. By adsorbing and sequestering such substances, media can prevent accumulation that would otherwise negatively impact on environmental issues in a water body. MicroBacterLATTICE Extra Large stands out for its flexibility and user friendliness, making installation in multiple filtering systems such as canister filters, sump filters and fluidized reactors easy and user-friendly. Due to its large size it provides wide coverage and efficient water treatment solutions. MicroBacterLATTICE Extra Large can produce noticeable improvements to water clarity, reduced algae growth, and healthier inhabitants in an aquarium or pond. Its eco-safe filter media offers safe protection for maintaining perfect conditions in both environments. MicroBacterLATTICE Extra Large is an innovative solution to manage water quality in large aquariums and ponds. Utilizing cutting-edge biotechnology, high performance colonization of bacteria colonies, and targeted nutrient control it offers a complete and effective approach for creating and maintaining an eco-system in water environments.
1000 ml, 100L, 2 L, 20 L, 250 ml, 35 L, 4 L, 500 ml
2.8 lbs
2.8 × 3 × 0.66 in
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