MicrōBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit (Contains one each BACQC60 + BACSTARTXLM125 + BACCL500)



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MicroBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit

Start your dry rock aquarium by purchasing the MicroBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit. It allows for biological filtration, cycle speed acceleration and clarity in water for an exciting aquatic environment.
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MicroBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit

MicroBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit has arrived! Providing a comprehensive solution to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem in your aquarium's dry rocks, this starter kit contains three essential components - BACQC60, BACSTARTXLM125 and BACCL500 - specially tailored to address all key aspects of maintenance and setup for an aquarium. 1. BACQC60: This component specializes in initiating the cycle in your aquarium. BACQC60 introduces large numbers of beneficial bacteria that quickly settle onto dry surface rocks, helping reduce harmful substances and setting the foundation for an efficient biological filter system. 2. The BACSTARTXLM125 Nitrifying Bacteria Culture provides an exceptionally strong source of Nitrification bacteria, dramatically speeding up the cycle process by providing an abundant supply. Furthermore, this culture also accelerates ammonia to Nitrite/Nitrate conversion rates allowing aquatic life to be added much sooner to your aquarium! 3. Clear water is key to enjoying the beauty of any aquarium, and BACCL500 introduces the world's first microbial species that eliminates unsightly contaminants on live rocks and ornaments, helping keep your tank visually appealing. By combining the three components included in this kit, MicroBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit creates the optimal environment for a dry rock aquarium to thrive. Beneficial bacteria flourish on surfaces quickly cycling ammonia while maintaining water clarity to foster a healthier ecosystem. Integration of MicroBacter's Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit into an aquarium is straightforward and straightforward. Simply follow the dosing recommendations for each component to encourage beneficial bacteria to multiply and establish themselves within an aquarium environment quickly and effortlessly. With their synergy effect between BACQC60, BACSTARTXLM125, and BACCL500 components you're bound to have a spectacular and vibrant underwater space in no time at all. Discover a whole new level of dry rock aquarium enjoyment by using the MicroBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit and witness its astounding transformation as your aquarium develops a robust biological filtering system that cycles quickly for crystal-clear water quality. This kit can help create a healthy environment for aquatic life that shows your dedication in creating their ideal habitat; be amazed as quickly your dry rocks turn into beautiful displays of life for an enriching and satisfying aquarium experience!
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