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Mag-Float Small

Recommend aquariums with a maximum of 30 gallons. Or with a surface with a thickness of up to 3/16" product dimensions 2 3/8" 2 3/8" x 1 3/8" x 1"
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Mag-Float Small

Mag-Float Small is your key to effortless aquarium maintenance! This innovative cleaning tool was carefully created to simplify how you maintain your water oasis, eliminating wrangling with slippery hands or fiddling with unwieldy cleaning tools - it provides the ideal solution to maintaining an exceptional aquarium environment. Mag-Float Small features an innovative magnetic design to efficiently and effortlessly clean dirt and algae from aquarium glass without getting your hands sweaty. The magnet inside adheres securely to its interior surface while an exterior piece monitors your movements from outside, providing a full and comprehensive cleaning experience. No matter if you are an experienced aquarium user or just beginning your aquatic adventure, it will revolutionize how you manage and maintain your aquatic space. It provides a clear perspective of your underwater environment so that you can concentrate on enjoying aquatic creatures' beautiful beauty rather than on maintenance chores. Imagine the joy of gently sliding a Mag-Float Small across your aquarium glass and watching algae and debris magically vanish without needing heavy tools! Beyond its practicalities, this tool will add aesthetic value to your tank while making maintenance simpler. Integrate it into your daily maintenance of an aquarium to experience its ease and satisfaction of maintaining an ideal aquarium quickly and effortlessly. Indulge yourself with an experience like no other using this product; revel in a sparkling and clean aquarium without traditional cleaning methods being hassled out for. Enhance your experience using Mag-Float Small for modern aquarium maintenance efficiency! The Mag-Float Small is a handy and efficient tool designed to make aquarium maintenance simpler, with its innovative magnetic design making cleaning an aquarium easier than ever before. It securely adheres to aquarium glass while its external part tracks your movements without needing additional tools - thus easily clearing away algae, moss, debris and fish waste effortlessly from underwater environments without wet hands or additional tools being required - providing stunning underwater scenery views as you enjoy better aquarium maintenance experience using The Mag-Float Small today for ultimate convenience!
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