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Mag-Float Medium

Recommend aquariums with a maximum of 30 gallons. Or with a surface with a thickness of up to 3/16" product dimensions 2 1/4" x 1 3/8" 7/8" x 2 1/4" scrapper is sold as a separate item*
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Mag-Float Medium

The Mag-Float Medium marks your introduction to an entirely different level of aquarium maintenance. This unique cleaning tool transforms how you care for your tank by offering an effortless solution without messy hands or cumbersome cleaning techniques. Get rid of the hassles associated with maintaining clarity in a glass aquarium with Mag-Float Medium's unique magnetic design! Eliminate algae and debris without difficulty by keeping its internal magnet attached firmly to the interior glass surface, while its exterior piece tracks your movements for efficient and effective cleaning procedures. No matter your experience or skill level in aquacare, The Mag-Float Medium will make a dramatic impact in your maintenance routine. Its easy and efficient method allows you to keep aquarium glass crystal clear while enjoying aquatic inhabitants without strain from manual cleaning duties. Imagine the thrill of easily moving a Mag-Float Medium across your aquarium glass, watching algae and debris vanish before your very eyes without having to deal with slippery hands and cumbersome equipment. Not only is this tool functional; but its aesthetic qualities add another dimension of charm to your aquatic environment. Implementing it into your daily aquarium care routine is a smart decision to elevate your aquatic experience. Enjoy the ease, efficiency and enjoyment that come from keeping a tidy aquatic space effortlessly - you may just witness its transformation into an aesthetically stunning and clean paradise! Embark on an incredible voyage into aquatic life at its highest quality level. This cutting-edge cleaning tool boasts an innovative magnetic system that securely adheres to the inner surface of your glass aquarium, while its external part easily follows your movements from outside - providing complete and effective cleaning by quickly eliminating dirt and algae build-up. Get an enhanced view of the ocean and increase enjoyment in your aquarium maintenance routine using The Mag-Float Medium now. Take advantage of its convenience!
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