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The Mag-Float Acrylic Medium is a revolutionary cleaner for acrylic aquariums. Its magnetic design ensures efficient, hands-dry cleaning, making algae and debris removal easy. Ideal for tanks up to 125 gallons.
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Mag-Float Acrylic Medium

Mag-Float Acrylic Medium, our revolutionary cleaning tool tailored specifically for aquariums featuring acrylic surfaces. This cutting-edge solution revolutionizes how you take care of them by offering an easy and effective method that eliminates hand soaking as well as multiple cleaning techniques. Staying clear through your aquarium acrylic no longer needs to be difficult! It features an innovative magnetic design, revolutionizing cleaning. An internal magnet secures to the interior surface while its external piece monitors your movements from outside, giving a comprehensive and effective cleaning experience. No matter your experience with acrylic aquariums or freshwater maintenance, the MagFloat Acrylic Medium will revolutionize how you take care of your aquarium. Providing an efficient yet user-friendly way of maintaining pristine acrylic surfaces without the stress and bother of cleaning, the MagFloat Acrylic Medium lets you appreciate all that beauty in your water inhabitants without being bogged down with tedious cleaning chores. Imagine the pleasure of using Mag-Float Acrylic Medium to gently glide across your tank and watch as algae and other debris slowly evaporate before your very eyes - without needing sticky hands or cumbersome tools! Not only is Mag-Float an efficient cleaning tool but its presence also adds visual interest and increases the appeal of your aquarium, creating an underwater paradise! By making it part of your routine for aquarium maintenance, you're taking an active step toward enriching the experience of being around water. Take advantage of its ease, efficiency and pleasure for effortlessly maintaining an exquisite acrylic aquarium; witness it become visually breathtaking; experience maintaining as an enjoyable activity and witness your aquarium become visually appealing; enhance it further using Mag-Float Acrylic Medium; enjoy water-based excellence!  


Recommended for aquariums with up to 125 gallons or with a surface with a thickness of up to 3/8 or 10mm.                                                                      Product Dimensions: 2 1/4" x 1 3/8" 7/8" x 2 1/4"

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