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Recommendation for aquariums with a maximum of 350 gallons. Or with a surface that is 5/8" thick" product dimensions 3" 2. 1/8" X 1 the scrapper blade is included.
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Mag-Float Large+

Mag-Float Large+ provides an innovative new way of aquarium maintenance. This cutting-edge cleaning tool will revolutionize how you care for a large aquarium by providing an effortless solution that removes the frustrations associated with dirty hands and multiple cleaning techniques. No longer do you need to struggle to keep the glass of your aquarium clear - with this Mag-Float Large+ and its innovative magnetic design, cleaning has never been simpler or more effective! A magnet attached to the interior piece attaches securely to glass surfaces while its exterior piece tracks movements from outside for an efficient cleaning experience. No matter your experience level in aquatic care, the MagFloat Large+ will revolutionize your routine maintenance routine. It provides an effortless yet efficient method of keeping your aquarium sparkling while giving you more time to appreciate its aquatic inhabitants without manually cleaning. Imagine the pleasure of sliding your Mag-Float Large+ across your glass aquarium and seeing algae and debris dissolve effortlessly without needing slippery hands or an unsteady tool to do it! In addition to its ease of use, this tool also contributes to improving its appearance by adding appeal to your underwater world. Magn-Float Large+ is an intelligent way to enhance the experience in the water, offering convenience, satisfaction, efficiency, and peace of mind when maintaining an aquascape. Maintenance becomes enjoyable while your aquarium becomes an aesthetically stunning and clean paradise - make Mag-Float Large+ part of your aquatic journey today and experience aquatic perfection! It is the ultimate solution for effortless glass cleaning, specifically tailored for tanks that are larger. Say goodbye to hand washing and manual cleaning by taking advantage of this revolutionary magnetic cleaning tool for its unparalleled ease of use! Magnets firmly secure themselves to the interior of aquarium glass, while their external piece easily tracks your movements around its edge. Once installed, algae and debris will no longer exist within your aquatic world, providing clear views. Enjoy a convenient way of maintaining your aquarium using the Mag-Float glass - Large+. Keep your larger tank in perfect condition effortlessly with today's convenience!
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