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Recommendation for aquariums with a maximum of 350 gallons. Or with a surface that is 5/8" thick" product dimensions 3" x 2 1/4" x 1 scrapper included*
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Mag-Float Acrylic Large+

The Mag-Float Acrylic Large+ is an innovative cleaning tool specifically created to care for acrylic aquariums. It provides an effortless and efficient way of taking care of acrylic surfaces - without wet hands and cumbersome cleaning procedures! No longer does maintaining the clarity of your aquarium acrylic require struggling; thanks to the Magn-Float Acrylic Large+'s innovative magnetic design, cleaning has never been simpler! Internal magnets attach securely to the acrylic while an exterior piece continuously monitors movement from outside, giving a comprehensive and effective cleaning experience. Are You New to Aquatic Care or Experienced Acrylic Aquarist? The Mag Float Acrylic Large+ is poised to revolutionize how you care for your aquarium. Offering an efficient yet user-friendly method of maintaining acrylic surfaces without all of the hassle of cleaning, the MagFloat Acrylic Large+ allows you to truly appreciate all the beauty your water inhabitants bring without all of that pesky cleaning! Imagine the pleasure of effortlessly floating Magn-Float Large+ over your aquarium and watching algae and other debris simply vanish before your very eyes without needing slippery hands or heavy tools to do it for you. Not only is this tool practical; its beauty also adds another dimension to the aquatic sanctuary you call home. Add Magn-Float Acrylic Large+ to the routine of caring for your aquarium by taking active steps towards enriching your water experience. Enjoy efficiency, speed, and pleasure of effortlessly maintaining a sparkling and visually captivating acrylic space; watch it become enjoyable to maintain it and watch your oasis become visually enticing and visually spectacular. Take an experience-rich journey in excellence through water!
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