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LPS Grow & Color M is a concentrated coral feeding supplement that promotes healthy growth and rich colour in LPS corals. This 100ml container includes vital minerals, amino acids, and trace elements to promote coral health.
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Fauna Marin Lps Growth & Color M ml

LPS Grow and Color M is an exceptional food supplement for corals that are designed to encourage healthful growth as well as vibrant colors within Medium Polyp Stony (LPS) corals. The bottle of 100ml contains a concentrated formula that supplies essential amino acids, essential nutrients, and trace elements to assist in maintaining the overall well-being of your reef coral. LPS corals have specialized nutritional requirements that are difficult to satisfy with the standard reef feeding program. Growing and coloring with LPS M is formulated using an array of top-quality ingredients specifically selected to meet these requirements. It is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and lipids, which are elements that support the healthy growth of coral. In addition, it is loaded with essential minerals and vitamins along with amino acids like lysine or methionine. These amino acids are known to improve the color of the coral. Fauna Marin Lps Growth & Color M concentrated formula is simple to apply and is able to be added to your tank. Simply mix the amount recommended with water from your aquarium and feed your corals using a syringe, pipette, or feeding pipette. When used regularly, LPS Grow and Color M will aid in helping your LPS corals flourish and achieve their maximum growth and potential for color. DOSING RECOMMENDATION: 2 x weekly feed the particles directly to the corals. Shut down your pumps and place one particle by Polyp to each coral. Use the Fauna Marin ReefBuster for target feeding. CONTENTS: proteins 75%, carbohydrates 12%, fats 8%, Marine marine proteins, lipids, Omega3 fatty acids, marine oils, antioxidants. Trace Elements. Marine Organic Elements for aquarium use only.
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