JBJ Aquarium 24G LED Nano Cube



24 Gallon MT-508L nano Cube LED Lighting Includes Eight 1.3 Cree Watt LEDs 24-gallon nano cube with All LED Lighting
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JBJ 24 Gallon Nano Cube Deluxe Style Aquarium

JBJ Aquarium 24G LED Nano Cube w/ LED Lighting features eight 1.3 Watt Cree LEDs. Three of them are 10- Kelvin while five of them are twenty Kelvin. The high-intensity LEDs give out more than triple the energy of a previous compact model while remaining cool to the feel. This brightness is perfect for anemones, soft corals, or other soft marine creatures. The LEDs are cooler than the compact fluorescent lamps which means less loss of heat and less chance that your tank won't overheat. The canopy is still home to cooling fans built-in to draw air from the canopy to reduce the heat produced by tanks as well as to control the dampness. LEDs also help save energy and replacement costs for bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs have to be replaced each year because of their lower lighting output, the output of LEDs is not affected for 10 years. The glass front with curved edges offers stunning views of your aquarium as well as its inhabitants. The JBJ Aquarium 24G LED Nano Cube comes with an air filter that is concealed in the back.

JBJ 24 Gallon Nano Cube LED Aquarium General Specifications:

  • Curved glass
  • Capacity: 24 Gallons
  • Dimensions: L 18" X W 19.6" X H 19.7"
  • Pump flow: 264 gph
  • Tank: Offers Panoramic viewing with smooth rounded corners
  • Flip top canopy--can be flipped back and held in place for easy access for tank cleaning and feeding.
  • JBJ Nano Cube Replacement Parts
  • JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube Aquarium Cabinet Stand (not included, designed for 28 Gallon, works well with the 24 Gallon)

JBJ 24 Gallon Nano Cube Filtration:

  • Integrated 3-Stage Filtration: Discreetly hidden with a newly redesigned filter for better surface skimming. Provides maximum space for tank inhabitants
  • All models now include an output return nozzle for directional flow control
  • An adjustable 264 GPH submersible pump is included
  • Mechanical - Sponge filter detritus and free floating paticulate matter
  • Chemical - Activated Carbon bag removes dissolved organics and odor
  • Biological - Ceramic Rings & Bioballs provide the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria
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46.5 lbs
18.1 × 19.6 × 19.7 in
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