Icecap Kl-130 Protein Skimmer



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The IceCap K1 130 is a very small skimmer that provides a new level of refined filtration for marine aquariums with capacities ranging from 80 to 140 gallons. All components of the skimmer were designed to overcome various obstacles that other skimmers on the market do not.
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Protein Skimmer

The Icecap Kl-130 Protein Skimmer is an efficient, high-performance device that effectively removes organic waste as well as excess nutrients from the aquarium making it safe and safe for fish, as well as other aquatic animals. The protein skimmer is a vital component for any serious hobbyist in the aquarium since it aids in maintaining the highest quality of water and guarantees the well-being of your aquarium pets.


Icecap Kl-130 Protein Skimmer is made to work with freshwater and saltwater aquariums that are with a capacity of over 130 gallons. The skimmer is equipped with a powerful impeller that produces tiny bubbles which attract and hold organic debris. These bubbles are then raised into the water. The waste is disposed of in the cup of collection for easy disposal. One of the most important advantages of this Icecap Kl-130 Protein Skimmer is its small size. With a size of 7.5 inches across and 18 inches high, the skimmer can fit into small spaces and is simple to put in virtually any setup for aquariums. It also comes with a magnetic mount that allows it to be easily attached and removed from the wall of the aquarium to allow it to clean and maintain the aquarium. Another excellent aspect of the Icecap Kl-130 Protein Skimmer is the ability to adjust the flow rate of water. The skimmer comes with an adjustable valve that lets you control the flow of water across the device. It gives users more control over the process of skimming. This feature will ensure that the skimmer functions efficiently and does not waste energy by skimming off more water than it is required to. Overall all, overall, the Icecap Kl-130 Protein Skimmer is an effective and reliable device to ensure the highest quality of water within your tank. Its small size, powerful impeller, and variable speed of flow make it an excellent accessory to any aquarium. No matter if you're an experienced aquarist enthusiast or are just starting out, you'll love the Icecap Kl-130 Protein Skimmer is essential for any healthy and flourishing aquarium.
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