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Experience unparalleled aquarium control with the HYDROS Control X3 Pro Pack. Monitor and manage your tank's vital parameters with precision and ease. Includes two advanced controllers for ultimate reliability and performance. Engineered, assembled, and supported in the USA.
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Introducing the HYDROS Control X3 / XP8 PRO Pack Controller, a comprehensive solution for advanced aquarium management. This bundle features the Control X3 unit, designed for dual sensor connectivity and equipped with pH/ORP monitoring capabilities. Accompanying it is the Control XP8 unit, which provides eight AC outlets with individual power monitoring and Wi-Fi control, all backed by a robust 1-year warranty. Features: Control X3 Unit:
  • Connects up to two sensor devices such as temperature probes and leak detectors.
  • Includes a Probe Port for pH or ORP monitoring.
  • Sends alerts and notifications via the HYDROS app.
  • IP65 rating ensures durability against water and dust.
Control XP8 Unit:
  • Manages eight 120V AC outlets for flexible equipment control.
  • Offers individual power monitoring and Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 8 devices.
  • Features optical isolation for enhanced safety and reduced electrical noise.
  • Utilizes Command Bus for efficient device communication and power management.
Specifications: Control X3:
  • Dimensions: 5in x 2.7in x 2.3in.
  • Supports various sensors through Sense Ports.
  • Digital galvanic isolation ensures accurate pH/ORP measurement.
Control XP8:
  • Max Per Relay: 8A; Total Max Amperage: 14A.
  • Compatible with universal voltages (110V/220V).
Additional Details: App Integration:
  • Enables remote monitoring of aquarium health via the HYDROS cloud-based app.
  • Supports local Wi-Fi monitoring capabilities.
  • Equipped with a dual-core 32-bit processor for swift operation.
  • Monitors internal health parameters such as voltages, currents, CPU status, and temperature.
  • Standard Limited Warranty: 1 Year covering material and workmanship defects.
  • Expandable with additional HYDROS devices.
  • Designed and supported in the USA.
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