FlorinVolcanit – Rio Café-F; Brown, 3-mm fired volcanic substrate for planted and FW shrimp biotope aquaria



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FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-F

Enhance your freshwater aquarium by adding FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-F, a 3mm volcanic substrate fired to a deep brown color that can improve aesthetics and efficiency in any freshwater tank. Ideal for shrimp biotopes. Improve aesthetics and efficiency.
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FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-F

FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-F is an attractive top substrate designed to add value and enhance the aesthetics of freshwater aquariums or shrimp biotopes. Crafted with high-grade volcanic material for optimal performance and aesthetics. FlorinVolcanit - Rio Cafe-F is an ideal balance between depth of substrate and maintenance ease, providing an earthy natural look in your aquarium that compliments shrimp and plants perfectly. At 3 millimeters thick, its deep brown hue offers a pleasant environment suitable for shrimp and plants alike. FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-F has several key features. These are: Fired Volcanic Material To create the substrate, volcanic materials must first be ignited, which forms an inert material which doesn't let harmful substances escape into the environment and thus provides a cleaner and safer habitat for aquatic creatures. Plant Growth:A 3mm particle size substrate allows proper root development and serves as an anchor point for your aquatic plants, encouraging healthy growth that allows your aquarium to flourish. Shrimp Habitat The substrate provides an environment which replicates their natural habitat and promotes their natural behavior and overall wellbeing, replicating what would occur naturally in their habitats. FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-F contributes to water quality by offering an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to colonize, contributing both to filtering processes as well as to maintaining equilibrium within an aquarium environment. Aesthetic Appeal: The deep brown hue of your substrate adds dimension and warmth to the visual environment of your aquarium, complementing aquatic plants as well as vivid hues from shrimp for an eye-catching display. FlorinVolcanit's Rio Cafe-F is an outstanding way to add life and beauty to an aquarium featuring either planted species, shrimp biotope, or both. Create an incredible underwater environment for yourself and your guests to experience and cherish!
15 lbs. (~7.7 L), 2 lbs. (~1.0 L), 24 lbs. (~12.5 L), 5 lbs. (~2.6 L)
7 lbs
12 × 2 × 2 in
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