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Our Very Best In-Sump Skimmer for Aquariums up to 210 Gallons Footprint: 11.4" x 10.4" | Reaction Chamber: 6" Super Cone | Height: 20.6" Controllable Pump: Reef Octopus 24V VarioS-2S
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Ultimate in Control and Performance

The new and innovative reef Octopus ElITE 150 INTA In-sump protein skimmer provides effective filtration for aquariums that range from to the size of 210 Gallons. This Reef OctopusA ELITE 150-INTA is made of premium casting acrylic as well as PVC which disassembles completely to be cleaned. The unique wine glass body is naturally stable and focuses the organic rich foam that increases. span classificationequals"" S1 ""="">The Elite 150int comes outfitted with a variable speed Reef Octopus VarioS-2SA pinwheel pump, which has the internal memory controller. The skimmer has a unique aEURoetwist , and lifts""A collector cup makes cleaning and removal a straightforward task. A simple to use valve for vented wedges that gives precise control as well as an underwater outflow that allows for silent operation.

Bioload Handling

The bioload of an aquarium relates to the capacity of an aquarium to handle waste according to the volume of tank. Protein skimmers perform best when they are properly aligned to the bioload of the system. (EXCLUDING SUMP)

Elite 150INT Features

  • Secure and efficient 24V power
  • Super Cone Body that reduces Turbulence
  • Solid Cast Acrylic and Machined PVC Construction
  • Vented Output Valve that Adjusts Dial
  • AEURoeTwist and lift"" Collection Cup
  • The unit is disassembled for easy cleaning and Maintenance
  • Effective, quiet and controllable VarioS-2S pump
  • 5 Energy Saving Power Controllable Settings
  • Detachable Controller Waterproof Union

Refined Control

In addition to the ability to run the pump at 5 different speeds the brand new VarioS Controller takes the pump to a whole new level by offering:
  1. A float switch connector, that allows you to connect the floating switch (included in the box) to the controller. This is a security feature that permits you to turn off the pump for the skimmer when your wastewater collector has reached its capacity. You can also turn off the water pump when the sump water is at an extreme or low level. All in all it is a good idea to donaEUR(tm)t need a new controller or module to add the float switch to your system.
  2. Two different feed and pause modes can stop the pump at between 15 and 60 minutes. These are helpful when you're feeding the tank or carrying out regular maintenance, such as an annual water change.
  3. The best thing about the VarioS controller is that it has a 10 volt input that will allow third party controllers like the Neptune SystemaEUR(tm)s APEX or Reef Angel to control the pump and instruct that it to perform. In this way the new VarioS controller acts as an interfacing device between your system controller as well as the pump , allowing users to write complex programs with your system controller's native language. This is a new level of control on an skimmer or water pump. In essence, you could make use of your system controller as your controller for DC pumps!
The VarioS pump The reef octopus elite 150 pump has a truly slow start which gradually goes from zero RPM up to the speed of the preset over a period of about 10 seconds. The pumpA Controller and controller are connected by the waterproof 3-conductor union. The detachable controller allows the creation of a waterproof union. The volute is able to rotate to alter the A pump The output direction is in 90-degree intervals. This means that users can produce waters vertically (up or downwards) in addition to horizontally.

Technical Specifications

Super Cone Body 6. 3.5inFootprint: 11.4in x 10.4in Neck Size: 4.7in Total Height: 20.6in Output Size 40mm /A1.25in

The recommended sump water height is 6-8 inches

Pump Information

Reef Octopus VarioS-2S Controllable Piwheel Pump Power Consumption 15-25watts DCA Voltage: 24V Air Draw: 900lph/ 31.5 SCFH*
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