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Masstick is a blend of diverse, all natural compounds of marine origin, providing natural and balanced nutrition for finicky omnivorous fish and marine invertebrates. Does not contain attractants, artificial preservatives or synthesis products.    
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Masstick 40 is a blend of many, naturally occurring, highly technological elements that produces food for all fish omnivores and marine invertebrates that is wholesome and natural. A is made from marine-based basic materials. No artificial attractants, preservatives, or products are present in Masstick. Masstick is self-adhesive, paste with a powder formulation that is ready to be rehydrated with water.A When it is replenished, it is adhered to any surface of the aquarium, based on the animalsaEUR(tm) requirements. The powder's formula that rehydrates allows Masstick to blend with any kind of mollusc or crustacean pulp, eggs of crustaceans, fish, molluscs artemia, mysids copepods, rotifers, and other medications that are taken orally. After being prepared and inserted into an aquarium Masstick doesn't disperse in the water for a long time and can therefore be fully utilized by crustaceans and fish. This allows Masstick to be used in a rationed or ad libitum or rationed feeding. Since Masstick is made up of mainly crustaceans that have been frozen, it does not contain fish skeletons , and consequently is low in phosphates in comparison to the protein amount.


Add Masstick to the osmosis water in 1-to- 0.5 ratio. Example Mix 14 grams. of Masstick with 7 milliliters. of water from osmosis. Mix in small ziplock bags until a homogeneous mix is created. After the mixture has been homogenized, Masstick may be used immediately or frozen for use later. If you are freezing Masstick is the case, it must be used within 5 weeks following the preparation. Instructions to use Take a piece of Masstick and put it on a stone or a branched coral skeleton or on the glass of the aquarium (preferably in the bottom third) or based on the feeding habits of animals living that live in aquariums.


Masstick 42A Masstick 42Acontains three clear, zip-lock bags that contain 42 grams of product per one. "    
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