Easy Reefs DKI Marine 1.2mm Fish Food – 150g



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1.2mm DKI Marine Fish Food - 150g

A balanced fish diet developed to satisfy the nutritional needs of large omnivorous marine fish from the coral reef biotope.  
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" Easy Reefs DKI Marine 1.2mm Fish Food is a type of fish food formulated specifically for marine fish, with a particle size of 1.2mm. This food is designed to provide essential nutrients and vitamins to support the health and well-being of marine fish in an aquarium. The 150g package size makes it convenient for aquarium hobbyists to feed their fish regularly. The product is produced by the company Easy Reefs. The Holistic Theory of Nutrition for large Marine Fish Easy Reefs DKI marine is a balanced and balanced food designed to meet the nutritional requirements of omnivorous marine fishes in coral reefs. It is available in soft granules with neutral buoyancy. It's available in grain sizes of A 0.8 millimeters, A~ 1.2 mm and A 2 millimeters. DKI marine main ingredient is freeze-dried shrimp ( Palaemonetes varians ) which are from the Veta de la Palma fisheries situated in the DoA+-ana Natural Space. Microalgae ( Nannochloropsis Tetraselmis, Isochrysis, and Phaeodactylum ) that are included in the formula contain fat acids, totally natural vitamin, functional compounds, and bioactive components that protect and improve your fish's fishesaEUR(tm) immunity as well as general health. Due to its amino-acid essential composition and fatty acid content as well as its bio-degradable micronutrients that are all implicated in fishesaEUR(tm) metabolism and pathways, the productaEUR(tm)s organoleptic and morphological characteristics along with its beneficial biological proteins, indicates that DKI marine Granules are a type of food that is based on a holistic view of marine fish nutrition."
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