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Enhance the look of your aquarium's landscape by using these distinctive design stones and rocks that appear like miniature rocks.
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What's a Dragon Stone?

Aquarium Dragon Stone stone's gorgeous natural appearance is enhanced by its natural sedimentary rock roots. Dragon Stone is also known as Ohko Stone. Dragon stones originate from clastic sedimentary rocks made of clay minerals and silt that are bonded together by high-pressure waves within an earthy substance referred to as diatomaceous Earth.


Dragon Stone has a distinct look, scaly, that is reminiscent of the skin of a dragon. The exterior is adorned with natural cavities, tiny crevices, and gaps with varying levels. It comes in a myriad of shades and textures, but it usually appears similar to driftwood or petrified wood which makes it an ideal aesthetic option for tankers who wish their tanks to appear natural! When high-pressure waves pound against the stone, they force sediments into soft pieces that create tiny holes and divots in young dragon rock. The particles break down and penetrate down to leave rough marks all over the stone. The waves constantly crash against the rough surfaces of the rock, however, some areas are strong and won't surrender. These areas can be found on sea stacks that look like dragons, where they develop due to the pressure caused by tides bringing sediment on these super hard surfaces. The sun's heat slowly cooks the clay layer and microorganisms that are on the top. It takes some time for the mixture to set but when it does it will give you a stunning dragon stone with a unique color which is unique! The stunning shades of dragon stone stem from the different shades it takes based on the location through the earth's wastes this stone was exposed. It can be olive green or brown The appearance of Aquarium Dragon Stone may be different depending on where it's from. Some exhibit yellow, red, or orange hues to these, and this is due to the fact that an inert rock absorbs colors from the surrounding environment. Customize your reef structure with safe, all-natural materials available in an assortment of sizes and shapes to enhance your aquascaping setup. These are natural Stone, Rock, and Wood. The images shown are for Reference. Shapes will vary.
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44 lbs
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