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DINO X is a potent and effective dinoflagellate treatment for your reef aquarium. This 1000 ml container offers a concentrated mixture that targets and removes dinoflagellates while leaving your coral and beneficial bacteria unharmed.
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Fauna Marin Dino x 1000 ml

Fauna Marin Dino X is an effective and potent remedy for outbreaks of dinoflagellates in your aquarium reef. This bottle of DINO X comes with concentrated ingredients that target and kills dinoflagellates, without harming the coral or beneficial bacteria. Dinoflagellates are a kind of algae that quickly spread and cause a lot of trouble within a reef aquarium which can cause coral damage as well as death. DINO X is specially designed to eliminate and target dinoflagellates and leave the coral as well as beneficial bacteria in good health. This concentrated formulation of DINO X was made to be simple to use and extremely efficient. Simply add the dose recommended to your aquarium in accordance with the directions, and then be amazed at how DINO X goes to work to eliminate and target dinoflagellates. Advantages of fauna marin dino x One of the advantages that come with DINO X is the fact that it doesn't cause harm to the coral or any beneficial bacteria. This is vital since other treatments for dinoflagellate infestations can damage these vital components in your aquarium's reef. DINO X is also phosphate and nitrate-free, which can help to keep other varieties of algae from taking over your aquarium. In the end, dino x is an efficient and effective remedy for infestations of dinoflagellates that can be found within your reef aquarium. The 1000ml bottle is ideal for larger tanks or for hobbyists looking to have additional DINO X available for future outbreaks. Protect your reef aquarium from harmful algae by using DINO X.
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