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Aqua Scaping Curved Pinsette
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This heavy-duty stainless steel Curved Pinsette is ideal for dense planting when setting up your aquarium. It grips delicate plants without damaging them. A ridged surface provides a no-slip grip.

More about Curved Pinsette

The use of quality tools is vital for those who love planted tanks and can make everything better! A stainless steel curved fine tip Pinsettes are an essential tool to plant an aquascape. Aquascaping tweezers facilitate the precise plant placement of complex aquarium layouts. They make it simple to plant aquatic plants within the small or difficult-to-access gaps of a hardscape design. Curved tips are great to plant thicker plants in areas that are difficult to reach. The tips of pinsettes have a slight serration for an easy grip on aquarium plants, ensuring that your plants won't slide off during the planting process.  
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