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Coral Sprint 100 ml is a high-quality coral growth stimulant that comprises a proprietary combination of amino acids, vitamins, and trace minerals. This product is intended to improve coral growth and colour in your aquarium by supplying the necessary nutrients to support healthy development and encourage brilliant and dramatic coloration. Coral Sprint 100 ml is a must-have for any coral fan wishing to improve the beauty and health of their aquarium, thanks to its fast-acting composition and simple design.
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Fauna Marin Coral Sprint 100 ml

Fauna Marin Coral Sprint is a powerful acceleration of coral growth designed to stimulate rapid and robust growth in your aquarium reef. The bottle of 100mL contains a unique mix of amino acid and vitamins and trace elements that are vital to the health of corals and their growth. Fauna Marin Coral Sprint is specifically formulated to help support an increase in growth speed and rehabilitation of stressed or damaged coral colonies. It is a mixture of amino acids including L-lysine and L-threonine, both of which are vital building blocks for coral tissue. These amino acids assist to boost protein synthesis and support healthy tissue growth. This leads to faster growth of coral and stronger colonies. Alongside its amino acid content, Coral Sprint also contains a variety of trace elements and vitamins essential to the health of the coral. They include vitamin C as well as vitamin B12 and iron which aid in photosynthesis and enhance the color of corals. Coral Sprint is easy to use and can be added to your aquarium regularly. Just shake it thoroughly and then add the recommended dosage to your tank according to the directions. If used consistently, Coral Sprint can help your coral colonies achieve their maximum potential by promoting more rapid expansion, stronger tissue, and improved color. This can result in an even more vibrant and vibrant reef aquarium. It is a vital instrument for anyone who wants to take his reefs to the highest step. All in all, Coral Sprint is a top-quality and efficient coral growth accelerator that can assist in promoting the health and development that your coral colony. This bottle of 100ml is the ideal size for those who want to experience this powerful product to see the benefits themselves.
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