Coldwater UltraPlanktos-Z – Amino Acid-Enhanced Zooplankton and Macroparticulate Blend for Cold Water Marine Aquaria



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Coldwater UltraPlanktos-Z

Coldwater UltraPlanktos Z: For Cold Water Marine Aquaria enthusiasts looking for optimal nutrition and vitality support. Enhance both nutrition and vitality effortlessly!
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Coldwater UltraPlanktos-Z

Coldwater UltraPlanktos-Z is an exceptional product created to improve the health and nutrition of Cold Water Marine Aquaria. This proprietary mix features amino acid-enhanced zooplankton as well as carefully chosen macroparticulates tailored specifically for cold water marine inhabitants. Zooplankton plays an essential role in marine species diets, providing essential energy and nutrition. Coldwater UltraPlanktos Z is specially formulated with amino acids to boost nutrition value of Zooplankton to ensure coldwater species receive a balanced and adequate diet. Coldwater UltraPlanktos Z contains not only zooplankton but also macroparticulates to add variety to marine species diets. These larger food particles mimic natural behaviour when foraging cold-water species and help them engage with feeding habits naturally while improving overall health. Coldwater UltraPlanktos-Z is an amino acid-enhanced, zooplankton and macroparticulate mixture designed for cold-water marine aquariums that contains fish, invertebrates and corals. By providing a diversified and nutritious diet to these organisms, this blend can promote their growth, health and color enhancement within your coldwater marine aquarium. Coldwater UltraPlanktos-Z is designed for effortless operation. The liquid formula makes dosing precise dosages according to aquarium size and fish count, providing consistent, balanced nutrition to improve marine cold water ecosystem health. Supplementation ensures regular and reliable care and supplementation is a smart way to make life simpler for everyone involved in its care. Coldwater UltraPlanktosZ is most effective when maintained with good water quality and regular maintenance on your aquarium. A regular change of water, adequate filtering and sufficient lighting are key components in providing for the wellbeing and welfare of marine cold water residents. Coldwater UltraPlanktos-Z is an invaluable solution for marine aquarists in cold waters looking to optimize the health and nutrition of their marine inhabitants. Combining amino acid-enriched zooplankton with macroparticulates provides a nutritional diet designed to promote growth, coloration, overall health, as well as vitality of their marine ecosystems. Enhance it with Coldwater UltraPlanktosZ and give your marine species optimal conditions to flourish!
2 L / 67.6 fl. oz., 20 L / 5.3 gallons, 250 ml /8.5 fl. oz., 500 ml / 17 fl. oz.
0.6 lbs
2 × 2 × 6.75 in
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