Carbonīt-X3 – Next-generation Activated Carbon; Removes Chloramines and Ammonia, Increases ORP



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Upgrade the quality of your aquarium water with next-generation activated carbon. Eliminate ammonia, chloramines and increase ORP for greater clarity and overall better health in your aquatic world.
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Carbonit-X3 is the ultimate water purification solution for aquariums. Crafted with next generation activated carbon, its revolutionary capabilities can completely transform your environment by eliminating chlorineamines and ammonia. Furthermore, Carbonit-X3's ORP (oxidation reduction potential) capabilities ensure unbeatable quality water for the health of aquatic animals. Carbonit-X3 excels beyond conventional activated carbon by employing cutting edge techniques and superior absorption properties. Chloramines and ammonia are two of the most prevalent contaminants found in aquarium water due to tap water treatment and waste accumulation, potentially harming fish, plants and invertebrates by negatively affecting immune systems and health - these harmful chemicals must be quickly eliminated with Carbonit-X3's extraordinary adsorption capability quickly removing ammonia and chloramines to provide your aquatic inhabitants with a safer environment. Carbonit-X3 stands out by increasing oxidation reduction capacity (ORP). ORP serves as an important metric to gauge water quality and hygiene in your aquarium, with higher levels correlated to improved water quality, less pathogens, and healthier natural habitat for aquatic inhabitants. Carbonit-X3's ability to increase ORP contributes greatly to improving aquatic quality as well as overall ecosystem health. Implementation of Carbonit-X3 is straightforward. Simply place its pellets inside of a mesh bag or reactor within a filtration system and allow water to pass over them; ammonia and chloramines are effectively removed while ORP levels increase to optimal levels, with regular monitoring helping determine an ideal replacement schedule. Carbonit-X3's advanced features make it a helpful resource for both amateur and experienced aquarium hobbyists alike. No matter if your setup involves saltwater or freshwater ecosystems, Carbonit-X3 can adapt itself to meet these specific needs and help ensure high-quality water in your aquarium. Carbonit-X3 offers the future of water purification for aquariums by improving water quality in your tank and eliminating harmful ammonia and chloramines, while raising ORP levels for amazing quality and cleanliness. Give aquatic creatures the healthy environment they deserve in an underwater world that glows with life; invest in long-term success of your fish tank with Carbonit-X3, creating an amazing display of life beneath its waters!
1.8 kg. / 4 lb., 225 g. / 7.9 oz., 450 g. / 15.9 oz., 9 kg. / 19.8 lbs.
3.5 lbs
3.5 × 4.1 × 0.6 in
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