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BONDED FILTER PAD Prefilter, 24" x 15" Pad Size (360 sq. in.) Bagged.    
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Bonded filter pad are a type of air filter media made from synthetic fibers that are bonded together to form a mat. The product description you've specified is for a bulk pad that measures 15 feet by 2 feet. These pads are commonly used in HVAC systems to filter air, trapping particulates and improving air quality. Bonded filter pads have a higher dust holding capacity and longer lifespan compared to traditional fiberglass filters. BONDED FILTER PAD Prefilter is a white Filter Media 24" x 15" Pad Size (360 sq. in.) that allows the ability of micro filter the water for Crystal Clear viewing. It is mostly used before the water gets into the Sponge, Sump media etc.    
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