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This high-quality formula is specifically formulated to help ensure the optimal health and vitality of your aquatic pets. Containing a carefully balanced blend of essential trace elements, including iodine, iron, and manganese, Balling Trace 3 Health 500 ml provides vital nutrients that are necessary for the growth and development of corals and other invertebrates. It also helps to promote strong coloration and enhances the overall beauty of your aquarium.
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The fauna marin balling 500ml Metallic Health Fluorescent Effect The previous version used to be ULTRA TRACE B3 HALTH Elements 500ml Incorporating trace elements into the Balling salts is a complete primary health system. This consumption-oriented supplementation effectively stops the much-dreaded "Old Tank syndrome". A very strong consumption pool can be easily modified and refilled if needed. Ingredients:Potassium, sodium fluorine, iodine, bromine, stabilizers. Based on organic compounds. MIXING DIRECTIONS: When you have added the liquids to the proper containers, shake them well. Take note of the dosing suggestions and read your Balling Light method instructions manual! Trace B elements aren't appropriate for direct dosing in the tank! Make the first aid list consisting of Balling Light 3 containers: CONTAINER 1: Mix 2kg of CALCIUM-MIX with 4 liters RO water. Fill up to 5 liters water. Trace bottle: Add 25ml Trace 1 Metallic Color + Grow Effect, and 25 mg Trace 2. Metallic Metallic Color Effect. CONTAINER 2: Mix 2kg of MAGNESIUM-MIX with 4 liters RO water. Fill it to 5 liters water. Does not require Sulfate for this new method. fauna marin balling trace 3 is not needed to be used in the container. CONTAINER 3: Mix 500 grams of CARBONATE-MIX with 4 liters RO water. Then fill the container to 5 liters of RO water. Bottle TRACE: Add 25ml Trace 3 Health with a Metallic Flourescent Effect.  

The balling light set includes:

Complete Start-Set with free access to Aquacalculator (ONLY Windows version! No iOS!)

Ideal and complete supply system based on the actual consumption of YOUR aquarium

Suitable for all important filters and the following systems such as Fauna Marin Zeolight System

Special high purity salts and perfect mixtures of micro and trace elements for a perfect reef aquarium under the constant supervision of Fauna Marin marine water research laboratory

Stable water values ​​for healthy growth and long-term stable aquariums

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