6G Modular Surface Skimmer



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The replacement JBJ Nano Cube Small Modular Surface Skimmer for the JBJ 6G Aquariums. 3-3/8" 2 1/2" 3-3/8" X 3/4".
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  • MSS Modular Surface Skimmer for 6 Gal Nano - MSS-S
  • The M.S.S. instantly transforms your intake grill into a true overflow within seconds.
  • Instantly removes surface scum.
  • Improves gas exchange.
  • Clarifies water.
  • Installs in seconds.
  • Quiet operation.


The JBJ Modular Surface Skimmer is a high-quality skimmer designed to keep your aquarium water clean and clear. This innovative skimmer removes unwanted surface debris, including oils and proteins, helping to maintain a healthy and balanced aquatic environment. The skimmer works by creating a vacuum that draws water and debris into the skimmer cup, where it is trapped and removed from the water. One of the key features of the JBJ skimmer is its modular design. The JBJ Modular Surface Skimmer is also designed to be easy to install and use. It features a compact and lightweight design that can be easily placed in your aquarium, and it is simple to adjust and maintain. The skimmer is built to last, with high-quality materials and construction that are designed to resist wear and tear and provide long-lasting performance. Whether you are a seasoned aquarist or just starting out, you can trust the Surface Skimmer to provide reliable and effective surface skimming for your aquarium setup. In conclusion, the skimmer is a must-have for any aquarium setup. With its efficient and effective skimming, modular design, easy maintenance, and durable construction, it is a great choice for anyone looking to maintain a healthy and clean environment for their aquatic pets. The JBJ Modular Surface Skimmer is sure to meet your skimming needs.
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