3/4″ MPT Return Kit with Flare Nozzle.



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3/4" MPT Return Kit with Flare Nozzle The 3/4" MPT Return Kit with Flare Nozzle is a component used in aquarium or water feature systems to create a return flow of water. It includes a male threaded (MPT) adapter, a return nozzle with a flared end, and other necessary fittings. The kit allows for the connection of a return line from a pump back into the tank or water feature, creating a closed-loop flow. The return nozzle can be adjusted to control the flow rate and direction of the water. Flexible Ball-Socket Joint Tubing Used to return water to desired location in the aquarium when connected to a bulkhead fitting. 3/4³ or 1/2³ flexible tubing, nozzles and valves can be connected in multiple ways and positions to create desired flow patterns. Flexible Ball-Socket Joint Tubing Unique ball & Socket design for hundreds of water flow applications 3/4" MPT Kit with Flare Nozzle (assembled in poly bag with header card)    
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