Top Aquarium Brands

Your ultimate setup all starts with the aquarium you choose for your fish. Luckily, Fish and Coral Store makes finding the right aquarium easy for you. Choose from some of the top aquarium brands online like Red Sea, Waterbox, and more in a variety of sizes for your fish and your space. These fish tank brands will give your fish the ideal living environment to thrive.

The Online Collection

Fish and Coral Store is your source for saltwater fish and aquarium supplies online. Explore our various fish to find sustainable sourced, captive bred, and wild caught species for your aquarium. We also carry a vast selection of aquariums, aquarium maintenance supplies, filters, and more to keep your tank running smoothly. Browse our collection and order your supplies today!

About Us

Family owned and operated, Fish and Coral Store is one of the few West Coast aquarium stores. We’re fish lovers that use our years of fish and aquarium experience to benefit other fish lovers like you. As a Platinum Dealer for Red Sea aquariums, you can count on us for the top brands and supplies. If you have any questions, you can always feel free to reach out and contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know which aquarium brand is best for me?

When choosing an aquarium, be sure to consider your indoor space, the type of tank you prefer, and how many fish will be in the tank. You’ll be able to choose how big of a tank you need and what style you want based on that. While most brands carry similar sizes of tank, they all provide their own distinct aquarium designs. Go with the aquarium design that’s best for you!

Are aquariums hard to maintain?

It depends on the species. Hardier fish are generally not difficult to maintain, just requiring regular feeding and cleaning. However, more delicate species, like tropical fish and coral, can react very poorly to changes in temperature, pH level changes in the water, or salinity. Before setting up an aquarium, always do your research on what conditions your fish and other creatures need, and invest in effective monitoring supplies.

Can I keep my aquarium in direct sunlight?

It isn’t typically recommended to keep an aquarium in direct sunlight. Not only can that increase water temperature, but it can also lead to explosive algae growth in your tank. While algae isn’t necessarily bad for your fish, it can make your tank look dirty and limit visibility.