ReefLED 90 Pendant for 75-100cm (30″-39″) tank – Black



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The ReefLED 90 Pendant is a lighting fixture designed for 75-100cm (30"-39") aquarium tanks. This pendant is black in color and uses advanced LED technology to provide optimal lighting for coral growth and coloration. The ReefLED 90 Pendant is easy to install and features adjustable height and angle, making it customizable to your tank's needs. The fixture is energy-efficient and has a long lifespan, making it a durable and cost-effective lighting solution for your reef tank.
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Red Sea 90 Pendant - Black 75-100cm (30"-39") tank

The ReefLED Red Sea 90 Pendant is a high-quality lighting solution for reef tanks sized 75-100cm (30"-39"). It features an elegant and sleek design with durable aluminum housing and a black finish that complements any aquarium setup. The ReefLED 90 Pendant provides powerful lighting with a total output of up to 90 watts and a customizable spectrum that allows you to adjust the light to your specific needs. The fixture features multiple channels of LED chips, including high-power Cree and Osram LEDs, that provide the ideal spectrum for coral growth and coloration. The ReefLED 90 Pendant also includes an integrated WiFi module and a free-to-use smartphone app that allows you to control the light remotely from your phone or tablet. With the app, you can create custom lighting schedules, adjust the intensity and spectrum of the light, and even simulate natural weather conditions. This pendant is easy to install and comes with a height-adjustable mounting system that makes it easy to position the light over your aquarium. It's also equipped with a quiet, built-in fan that ensures the fixture stays cool and extends the life of the LEDs. Overall, the ReefLED 90 Pendant is a reliable and high-performing lighting solution that provides everything you need to keep your reef tank healthy and thriving. Specifications: Max Number of ReefLED Modules - up to 2   What's Included?
  • 1x 30" - 39" LED Pendant Suspension Tray
  • 1x Wire Hanging System
  • 1x Mounting Hardware Kit
  Note: ReefLED 90 or 160S light module(s) and respective Adapter Tray(s) are required but sold separately:    
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