Maxum Aquarium Airpump Kit – 1.0 L/Min – 15g



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Maxum Aquarium Airpumps are ideal for ponds and aquariums.
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The Maxum Aquarium Airpump Kit - 1.0 L/Min - 15g is equipped with noise-reducing rubber feet and is easy to clean. All kits include an air line, check valve, and air stone.


The aquarium airpump is an apparatus that injects air into the tank's water. On the top of the tank, oxygen can enter the water, and carbon dioxide releases through the use in the form of surface tension. Without this motion, carbon dioxide won't escape the water, and oxygen is unable to get into it. Aquarium pumps affect the water's agitation by dispersing air bubbles. Air pumps make sure that fish are breathing enough oxygen regardless of external factors such as the presence of medications on the surface or the photosynthesizing of plants. Aquarium pumps inject air into the tank's water through the airline tubing. Aeration at the surface is essential to supplying fish with the oxygen they require. The less agitated the water near the surface of the tank is, the less likely it is that fish can get enough oxygen to breathe. The air bubbles that are introduced into the water by the air pumps boost the surface's agitation and allow more CO2 to escape into the water and more oxygen gets into the water. Air pumps are most effective when used when they are used in conjunction with other equipment. For instance, when combined with a filter, it enhances overall filtering. Aquarium water pumps can improve the oxygen levels in the water.

How much oxygen do fish require?

The levels of oxygen in the water that dissolve should be between 5-7 ppm to ensure healthy fish. Low levels of 2 ppm pose an immediate threat to the life of a fish and the water must be aerated as fast as it is feasible. It is possible to measure the oxygen level by using a dissolved oxygen tester to make sure that your fish is healthily breathing oxygen.
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