JBJ Light Lyra – 7W LED Peninsula Light Bar



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The JBJ Lyra - 7W LED Peninsula Light Bar has two channels with blue and white LEDs
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The JBJ Light Lyra has two channels with blue and white LEDs Adjustable, with a flip-up design that makes it easy to move out of the way. Has a small profile, so it is easy to handle and won't interfere with your view. Suitable for freshwater or saltwater tanks. It can be mounted on rimless aquariums up to 10mm thick. Light up your saltwater or freshwater desktop aquarium using the JBJ Light Lyra. The light bar can be easily mounted on any aquarium with a rimless edge to bathe your aquatic environment in illumination. It has soft-touch control buttons located on the flip-top mounting bracket. You can utilize them to alter the intensity of light or change between blue and white LED lighting options. You can run the white and blue lights separately or in conjunction according to your preferences. The light bar is easy to flip upwards and away from the way when you want to access the aquarium to do maintenance. It is ideal for tanks that are up to 10 gallons in size The Lyra 7W light bar provides the ideal method to shine a light on your fish! See all rimless tank lights 
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