Hydros Rope Leak Sensor Kit



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Upgrade aquarium safety with the HYDROS Leak Detection Rope Sensor Kit. This versatile rope-style sensor provides instant detection and proactive alerts for comprehensive aquarium care.
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Revolutionize your aquarium safety with the HYDROS Leak Detection Rope Sensor Kit. This industry-first technology offers comprehensive leak detection along the flexible rope-style sensor, providing versatility and peace of mind. Easily connect to a HYDROS Control device, configure actions through the user-friendly app, and gain control over potential leaks. The Rope Sensor adapts to various placements, including sumps, stands, reactors, open areas, corners, plumbing, and more. Daisy-chain multiple sensors for extended coverage. Program your HYDROS for customized responses, from flashing controller lights to shutting down specific equipment or sending mobile alerts. With this kit, aquarium maintenance becomes proactive and stress-free.

Key Features:

  • Industry-first rope-style water sensor for versatile leak detection
  • Connects to any Sense Port on HYDROS Control device
  • Flexible design for placement around sumps, stands, reactors, and more
  • Daisy-chain multiple sensors for extended coverage
  • Configure actions through the HYDROS app
  • Customizable responses, including controller light signals and equipment shutdown
  • Ideal for aquariums, mixing stations, garages, bathrooms, basements, and more

Package Contents: 

  • 1x Leak sensing rope
  • 1x Adapter cable
  • Mounting clips


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