Algae Scrubber Floating – Glass/Acrylic – Large



JBJ algae Scrubber Floating - Glass/Acrylic Large Long: 9" 1/2" Width (Blade): 5" 7/8" Glass & Acrylic Aquariums The handle and blade will never rust. Light-weight floating design It quickly removes algae
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JBJ Algae Scrubber Floating - Glass/Acrylic - Large

  • Great for aquariums made of acrylic or glass without scratching the aquarium's surface.
  • The ergonomic handle design can help to remove algae effectively.
  • The plastic blade and acrylic handle will never rust.
  • A sturdy, lightweight design stops this tool from sinking.
  • Replacement blades available
The floating algae Scrubber is a tiny lightweight device created to remove algae off any surface in your tank. It can be used on acrylic or glass aquariums and is easy to use. When the scrubber sits on top of the water, it'll gently remove algae, making your aquarium sparkling clean. Its floating structure permits it to access all areas of your aquarium, making sure that each inch is spotless as well as free from algae. This scrubber can be used by all kinds of plants and fish. It is also simple to maintain and clean. The compact size of this scrubber is ideal for smaller aquariums. This Algae Scrubber is a convenient and effective method of keeping your aquarium clear and clean.

What are the reasons to buy an algae scrubber?

  1. Aesthetics: The presence of algae can be ugly and could affect the overall look of the aquarium. The removal of algae keeps the aquarium tidy and well-maintained.
  2. Quality of water: Algae absorb nutrients from the water, which can cause imbalances that could influence the health of fish and other animals in the aquarium. The removal of algae is essential to ensure proper water quality and chemistry.
  3. Light: Algae hinder light from reaching other animals and plants in the aquarium. This can affect their growth as well as overall health. Eliminating algae can help ensure that all the inhabitants of the aquarium receive adequate lighting.
  4. The process of filtering: Algae can clog filters and other equipment, decreasing their effectiveness and possibly creating mechanical problems. The removal of algae is essential to ensure the correct functioning of equipment and filtration.
Cleaning algae out of aquariums is a crucial component of maintaining the aquarium properly and can ensure the health and well-being of the inhabitants and also the general appearance of the aquarium. Take care to handle this matter with attention and ensure it is out of reach of children.
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