Brand-Name Skimmers

At Fish and Coral Store, we carry top brand-name products. When it comes to our internal fish tank skimmers, you’ll find that we carry both Reef Octopus and IceCap products. These internal aquarium skimmers are designed with you in mind, so they come with features that make them easy to use. We carry surface and protein-specific options that come as a kit with all the parts and pieces you need. These kits will optimize air-water contact time for better waste removal. Please note the recommended tank size to match the skimmer to your bioload.

Selecting a Skimmer

Depending on your aquarium’s biotope composition, you will need to select your internal fish tank skimmer accordingly. Every tank is different, and ultimately, which skimmer you select will be based on the sensitivity level of the organic load. Need assistance in selecting the right skimmer for your tank? Reach out to our friendly team of experts for help!

Experienced Pros

When it comes to everything your aquarium needs, we’re your backup! Our team is made up of passionate fish lovers and aquarium enthusiasts who have been building and maintaining tanks for years! Work with us to build or supply your aquarium needs. We have over 1,500 products in stock, and we know them all! Shop now for everything from pumps and flows to lighting.

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