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When you’re setting up your aquarium, getting the right aquarium reef supplies is critical. Your marine aquarium requires commitment and maintenance — Fish and Coral Store is thrilled to help you with both. We have an extensive collection of supplies to keep your tank safe and support a healthy environment for your fish. Explore coral supplies like coral feeders, coral glue, and grippers to take proper care of your reefscape, and complete your aquarium with Fish and Coral Store today.

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Fish and Coral Store is your online source for saltwater fish and aquarium and coral supplies. Our immense selection includes saltwater fish, aquariums, fish food, and aquarium reef supplies perfect for your at-home set up. Explore the complete collection or shop by brand to complete your aquarium!

About Us

Family owned and operated, Fish and Coral Store is one of the few West Coast aquarium stores in the country. As aquarium enthusiasts, we’re dedicated to using our experience and knowledge to help fellow aquarium enthusiasts like yourself. Browse our selection of saltwater fish, coral, and other supplies to get your own reef started!

Frequently Asked Questions
Will my saltwater aquarium require a lot of maintenance?

Your saltwater aquarium will require your commitment and consistent monitoring. They need regular maintenance to stay clean, maintain their temperature, keep pH and chemical levels balanced, and support an overall healthy environment.

I’m a beginner to saltwater aquariums. Can I set up an aquarium?

Yes, anyone can set up an aquarium! If you’re a fish and aquarium lover and are willing to do the research and work necessary to maintain a healthy tank, you can have your own aquarium at home.

If I have coral, what does my aquarium need?

Your marine aquarium needs various supplies to host a thriving coral colony, such as a quality tank, safe substrate, pH and chemical level monitoring equipment, coral feeders, coral glue, and grippers for safely moving coral.

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