Aquarium Wave Scissors



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AN-03 Dennerle Aqua Scaping Wave Scissors The top-quality stainless steel wave cutters are ideal for trimming groundcovering and Clinging plants. They can be used to trim at the bottom of the tank and are extremely easy to use.
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Aquarium Wave Scissors

These professional Aquarium Wave Scissors are rust-resistant thanks to their stainless steel construction. Ultra sharp and precise, these top-quality scissors are a top choice for trimming carpeting and growing plants. They help with pruning near the bottom of your tank and are extremely easy to work with. Length: 10"

Excellent Quality

This is perfect for any aquarium aquascaping tank or terrarium owner who feels it is essential that their plants be cut properly, and also quickly. The scissor is constructed of top-quality stainless steel which means that it has a long life span ensured. This makes it a great choice for aquascaping, a hobby in which you'll be using this tool more frequently than the average. Because the scissor is composed of this particular type of stainless steel that is light it is able to fit comfortably into your palm. This tool is ideal for saltwater as well as freshwater.

Sharp blades

The scissor has sharp blades that allow for extremely fluid and accurate cutting.


Our aquascaping tools and aquarium instruments can be washed. And can be used for saltwater as well as freshwater. After using saltwater it is recommended to rinse the tools of the aquarium plant using clean tap water and dry the tools with a cloth. Store it in a safe place away from the reach of children. Multi-functional scissor is designed to make it simple to cut grasses and other aquarium plants that are low-growing in locations that are difficult to reach. It also allows you to cut off taller plants, like the stem plants. Premium Quality Steel aquarium plant's scissor is constructed of top-quality stainless steel to avoid corrosion. The scissor can be used for saltwater as well as freshwater aquariums. For every aquarist - An extremely simple-to-use accessory for fish tanks, and thus is suitable for both professional and hobby use. It is suitable for use with any aquarium, terrarium, or aquascape tank. Accuracy - With these scissors you can trim your aquatic plants to millimeter precision. The sharp cutting edges can tackle every aquatic plant task.  
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