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Klir Di-7 Fleece Filter Features

  • Fully automatic
  • Directly replaces 7-inch filter socks
  • Holds 50 yards of 50-micron fleece
  • Capable of filtering up to 1800 GPH per unit
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Modular mechanical filtration at its best

The patent-pending Klir Fleece Filter Di-7 is able to fit directly into 7in chambers of filter socks. It will automatically roll new material out when it becomes clogged, eliminating the suspended matter from your aquarium , and creating crystal clean water.Enjoy clean, maintenance-free filtering over a long period of. The Klir filter is a simple alternative to filter socks used on Sumps using sock tray. Take off your sock and then put in the Klir Fleece Filter Di-7. The moment that water enters the Klir filter and the material that filters it becomes filled by waste materials, the level will increase. If the water comes into contact with an optical sensor an electric motor is activated to push clean filtering material.A When clean material is exposed, water will be free to flow and lower the level of water in the sock tray , and deactivating the motor.

Klir's filtering system has three primary advantages:

  1. This results in pure water that has been that is filtered to 50 microns aEUR"A double the capacity of the filter socks that are used for filtering..
  2. The waste is removed from the water column before it is able to break down, thereby helping ensure that the water column is kept in a low-nutrient state!
  3. The routine of checking and changing filter socks and other mechanical media every couple of days is no longer necessary over a long period of. Once the filtering medium is worn out, replacing it is easy and cost-effective.


Klir Filter Includes:

1 -A 50 Micron/50 yards of fleece

Klir has a filtering capability of 50 microns which makes it between two and four times more effective than filters socks.

The majority of aquarium mechanical filtration uses 100 micron filters that start to block within a few days. Some brave customers prefer 100 micron socks that will block in just hours. The fact that you leave filter socks in your system for a long time is harmful since food and waste begin to decay inside the sock that filters. Klir takes waste out of the water column prior to it's time to breakdown and continuously removes 50 microns of dissolved waste, unlike filters, whose filtering capacity decreases naturally when they are utilized, washed and reused. If you believe that 50 micron filtering is not appropriate for your needs and you want to go to go for a higher micron count that is a EUR" fifty, eighty or 120 micron fleeces is coming soon.

1 1-inch drainmount, and 50 Micron/50 yards of fleece

Install your drain as you wish. Simply detach for use. Additional drain mounts may be added when needed.

Do you need to be bigger?

A For systems that are very large, there is the option of expansion tray and armsA (sold separately) A is available to increase the length and capacity of flow rate for the Klir.

Trays for Expansion

Each expansion tray adds four inches more to the Klir's filtering area.

Expansion Brackets

Each bracket that expands the height of the Klir adds another 4 inches the overall height of the Klir. This allows for hanging in the depper sumps or basins."
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