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Easy Reefs Masstick 14 Fish Food - 14 grams


Masstick is a blend of diverse, all natural compounds of marine origin, providing natural and balanced nutrition for finicky omnivorous fish and marine invertebrates. Does not contain attractants, artificial preservatives or synthesis products.  
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Masstick 14  is a combination of many, naturally occurring, highly technical chemicals that provide all-fish omnivores and marine invertebrates with a healthy, balanced diet. A Composed of marine-based natural materials. Masstick is devoid of lures, synthetic ingredients, and chemical preservatives. Masstick is self-adhesive, paste with a powder formulation and is ready to be rehydrated using water.A After it has fully hydrated, it can be adhered to any surface of the aquarium, based on the animalsaEUR(tm) demands. The powder's formula that rehydrates allows Masstick to mix with any crustacean or mollusc pulp, eggs of fish or crustaceans and molluscs, mysids, artemia, copepods, rotifers, and other medicines that are taken orally. Masstick can be fully utilized by fish and crustaceans because it is not spread into the water for long periods of time after being prepared and placed in the aquarium. As a result, the product can be used in rationed, ad libitum, or ad rationed feeding. Since Masstick is primarily composed of crustaceans that have been frozen, it does not contain skeletons from fish and, therefore, is low in phosphates in comparison to the protein amount.


Add Masstick to the osmosis to make water at a 1:1: 0.5 ratio. Example Mix 14 grams. of Masstick with 7 milliliters. of water from osmosis. Mix in the small ziplock bag until a homogeneous mixture is created. When the mix is homogeneous, Masstick may be used immediately or frozen to use in the future. If you are freezing Masstick is the case, it must be used within 5 weeks of preparation. Instructions to use Take a piece of Masstick and put it on a stone or a branched coral skeleton or even the glass in the aquarium (preferably in the bottom third) or based on the habits of obtaining food for the animals living in the aquarium.


A Masstick 14 A is a transparent zip-lock bag that holds fourteen net grams. "  
0.02 lbs
5.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 in


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