Neptune DOS – Dosing and Fluid Metering System



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The Neptune DOS provides a multi-purpose dosing and fluid delivery system of uncompromising quality combined with the simplicity of Apex Fusion software wizards for operations such as:

  • 2-Part Dosing (Calcium and Alkalinity)
  • Other Additives Dosing
  • Automatic Water Changes
  • Micro-Quantity Dosing
  • Delivery of Liquid Foods and Supplements
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NEPTUNE DOS The design of the Neptune DOS Fluid Metering System labels it as one of the smartest reef aquarium dosing systems. Hooking directly to the Neptune Apex or ApexEL gives you dual ability to program both pumps independently. Whatever your dosing needs, this system will adequately keep your reef tank maintained. With Two-part dosing in mind, the Design of the Neptune DOS can be set up to do dual doses, but is not limited in its functionality. Uses include automatic water changes to fit your schedule(with weekly and daily options available), liquid food and trace element additive dosing, or whatever liquid you need to keep your reef tank happy and healthy. Simply hook the Neptune DOS Fluid Metering system to your Apex controller to simplify the way you dose your liquids. The DOS system is programmable to dose certain amounts of liquid in intervals throughout your day. You'll be surprised by how quiet the system can be due to its sleek design.

Neptune DOS - Forget the Never Ending Task of Changing Your Water

Abhor doing your aquarium water changes? all fish & coral enthusiasts do so the tanks never get changed as often as they should. Aquarium water changes are not always effective for the strength of your system since all of that shift is occurring at once.

Simple 2-Part Dosing System

The standard technique for doing your aquarium is to use individual dosing pumps and connect them to a timer system using seconds or minutes to configure how much to dose into your tank. The main reason aquarium enthusiasts buy the Neptune DOS system for their tanks is for automatic ongoing and simple dosing of 2-part solutions (calcium and alkalinity) to their reef aquariums. Want to learn more about the full line of Neptune products we offer? Check them out here.
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